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The CMH Ltd. M20 & M25 - The Ultimate Hand Pallet Trucks
Easy to use, engineered to a high standard and offered at an attractive price.

The standard Chadwick Materials Handling 2 tonne or 2.5 tonne hand pallet or pump truck


The M20 & M25 hydraulic pumps are specifically designed for hand pallet truck applications where rapid lifting and lowering on a continuous basis is an absolute requirement. The highly efficient hydraulic pump system makes pumping a breeze, even at maximum capacity.

A simple triple function pump truck control trigger is ergonomically designed and instinctive to use:

(1) Pull to lower the pallet forks.
(2) Push to raise the pallet forks.
(3) Centralise for neutral and easy manoeuvring.

Due to the very compact design of the pump unit, overall length of the pallet truck is kept to a minimum for maximum manoeuvrability.

Furthermore a larger proportion of the load is carried by the large steer wheels giving more positive steering.

The CMH Ltd. M20; 2000kg. capacity and M25; 2500kg. capacity, quality equipment for today's demanding materials handling environment

Listed below are the most common pallet truck frame sizes, steer wheel and load wheel configurations available.

However many other frame sizes and types/combinations of wheel are available from stock. Should you have a special hand pump truck requirement we have the experience and stock to help.


M20 parts list in PDF format M20 - 2 TONNE


M20 parts list in PDF format M25 - 2.5 TONNE

Optional frame dimensions of our most popular hand pallet trucks
For all your hand pallet truck requirements call now on 01225 810081 Hand pallet truck nylon load wheel

Choose nylon pallet truck steer wheels for low rolling resistance and long life at a low cost.

Hand pallet truck single nylon load wheel Hand pallet truck tandem or double nylon load wheels
Hand pallet truck polyurethane treaded load wheel

Choose polyurethane treaded pallet truck steer wheels for quiet running and better grip.

Hand pallet truck single polyurethane load wheel Hand pallet truck tandem or double polyurethane load wheel
Hand pallet truck steel steer wheel

Choose steel steer wheels for harsh working environments such as metal working areas (M25 only).

Hand pallet truck single steel load wheel Hand pallet truck tandem or double  steel load wheel
Hand pallet truck rubber treaded steer wheel

Choose solid rubber treaded steer wheels for quiet running over uneven surfaces.

Standard fitment on our hand pump trucks is the single load wheel. For smooth operation on uneven surfaces and crossing sills choose tandem load wheels.

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