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2 Tonne
2.5 Tonne

Quick Lift
Low profile

Service brake
Parking brake
Deadman safety brake

Paper Roll
Scissors Lift:


Weight Scale
Stainless Steel
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Nationwide Servicing

CMH service our own and other major brand pallet trucks nationwide

Special purpose pump trucks from the
Hand Pallet Truck specialists:

Click on the images below for a specification sheet in PDF format.

With it's strengthend frame and special pump, the M30 allows handling pallet loads up to 3 tonnes.

Choose the M30 for loads up to 3 tonnes


M25S & M25G
Stainless Steel trucks are designed for corrosive environments, together with the food and pharmaceutical industries where high standards of hygiene are required. A galvanised version is also available for non - food applications.


Stainless steel and galvanized pallet trucks from CMH

Reel/Paper Roll/Drum Truck;
for handling cylindrical loads where the lifting operation is achieved without pallets. Cylindrical loads can be lifted directly from the floor, transported, and deposited in their unpalletized state.

Paper roll pallet trucks, suitable for drums and cylindrical loads

Low Profile,
with it's 55mm lowered height this type of pallet truck was originally designed to handle tin plate packs. Now in great demand for container stuffed load handling.

Low profile hand pallet trucks

High Lift Pallet Truck:
Manual pallet trucks aid loading and unloading pallets at a convenient height thus avoiding back injury.

Scissors lift hand and pallet trucks

High Lift Pallet Truck: Electric lift pallet trucks aid loading and unloading pallets at a convenient height thus avoiding back injury. The electric version features a 12 volt, 54 ampere/hour battery with separate external charger.

Scissors lift electric pallet trucks

Brake Pallet Trucks:
CMH Ltd can supply a wide variety of brake equipped pallet trucks.

Standard service brake with parking position - pull on to stop.

Foot brake - simple foot operated parking brake.

Braked hand pallet trucks including the superb deadman hand pallet truck

Dead man brake

Reverse action brake, with a sensitive, ultra light, pull off action. The brake is automatically applied when the operator releases or relaxes grip on the lever. Click on the image to view our page dedicated to this specially developed pump truck.

Dead man pump truck information

Weigh Scale Pallet Truck:
Several versions of our mobile weighing station are available, ranging from the basic check weight read out, metric imperial. To all purpose print out report with user address, telephone, e-mail company logo etc. Variations include automatic tare calculator, counting, comparator, profile plus weights and measures approved standard.

Weight scale hand pallet trucks, many options
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