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Huge stocks of pallet
trucks and spares
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2 Tonne
2.5 Tonne

Quick Lift
Low profile

Service brake
Parking brake
Deadman safety brake

Paper Roll
Scissors Lift:


Weight Scale
Stainless Steel
Cold Store
Anti Static
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Nationwide Servicing

CMH service our own and other major brand pallet trucks nationwide

Office frontage of the CMH pallet truck warehouse and workshops

A brief history CMH Ltd., the pallet truck specialists:

Tom and Tim Chadwick, the founder members of CMH, decided at the outset in 1981 that specialisation to the standard required, could only be achieved by dedication to one product line - the Hand Pallet Truck.
During the first 18 years the company grew tremendously, but with the overall aims in mind and remaining within the confines of a single base product - the Hand Pallet Truck. In 1999 the partnership became incorporated and the now 6 strong Board of Directors, all have a vast range of experience in the Materials Handling Field.
The growth programme has been developed as planned, and from modest the beginnings of one workshop in the West Country, there now exists the Chadwick Hand Pallet Truck Facility. New, purpose built warehouse, workshops and offices strategically situated in the M4 corridor. Our stock holding of new pallet trucks is in excess of 1200, with all models and sizes available on the day of order. After sales Health and Safety Inspections and Maintenance Contracts are available on a nation-wide scale.
Notwithstanding the tremendous increase in overall operations during the 29 years, the company aim is and always will be to serve the users of Hydraulic Hand Pallet Trucks.


Scissors lift pallet truck, extra wide pallet truck, stainless steel pallet truck, weight scale pallet truck, paper roll pallet truck and brake pallet truck, just a few of our special purpose pump trucks.
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