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Huge stocks of pallet
trucks and spares
Widest Range:

2 Tonne
2.5 Tonne

Quick Lift
Low profile

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Parking brake
Deadman safety brake

Paper Roll
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Weight Scale
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Custom Solutions

Nationwide Servicing

CMH service our own and other major brand pallet trucks nationwide

Welcome to Chadwick Materials Handling Ltd.


The hand pallet truck or hand pump truck as they are often known, is the basis of all our products and has been so for over 29 years.

Our huge stocks of hand pump trucks and pallet truck spares are backed by nation-wide delivery and on-site servicing.

From a standard 2 tonne M20 pallet truck through paper roll pallet trucks, low profile pallet trucks, extra wide pallet trucks, weight scale pallet trucks to an electric scissors lift pallet truck with every variation between.

A huge range of steer and load wheel materials are available from stock to suit a multitude of surfaces and harsh environments.

Most pump trucks can be supplied with a standard pull on brake, our super light action pull off dead man safety brake, or simple foot operated parking brake.

We supply pallet trucks to suit special environments too: Galvanized and stainless steel, cold store and anti static pump trucks are some examples.

All out pallet trucks can be customised by our engineering department to suit your requirements.

Our fleet of vans manned by highly skilled and experienced technicians, carry a wide range of spares and service or repair pallet trucks nation wide.

CMH Ltd. supply quality pallet trucks and offer unrivalled national support.

Scissors lift pallet truck, extra wide pallet truck, stainless steel pallet truck, weight scale pallet truck, paper roll pallet truck and brake pallet truck, just a few of our special purpose pump trucks.
For all your hand pallet truck requirements call now on 01225 810081 Just a small part section of our huge range of hand pallet trucks